Make East and West Wigan Safer

Make Wigan Safer

Safer Wigan is a programme that was setup in the 1990's to improve Wigan and to reduce the crime rate in Wigan and the surrounding areas. The programme was run by the community working with local agencies which addressed many issues mainly surrounding criminal and drug dependant behaviour.

There are many agencies that work with the community to make it a better place from estate agents to job centres. Here are just a few companies that help towards the improvement of Wigan:

Crime Statistics

Wigan has suffered a high crime rate for a long time and this issue is finally being addressed by the community. In August 2015 there were over 1300 crimes committed that were recorded with the highest forms of crime being anti-social behaviour, violence, criminal damage and arson and theft.

Over 1000 crimes are made every month in Wigan that have been recorded, this cannot be continued. With a high unemployment rate, young people are left bored and with limited funds which has resulted in over 30% of crimes committed in Wigan to be from anti-social behaviour.

Drugs and Alcohol

One of the main causes of crime related to anti-social behaviour is the abuse of drugs and alcohol. The community provides help and services to help those who have a problem with abusing substances.

This is the help that is available to you:

  • Help with stopping
  • Advice on you alcohol or drug usage or intake
  • Help with personal problems
  • Find employment

All of the information to get help can be found on the local councils website Drug and alcohol treatment | Young People

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