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Burglary is a crime that we constantly focus on. The Partnership understands that Burglary is a horrible experience for the victim and works closely with Victim Support to prevent the crime and support the victim when it does happen.

How are we doing?

The good news is that Burglary rates in the Borough have fallen dramatically since 2003/2004. The number of burglaries has fallen from 2, 831 to 1,615 in three years. That is a reduction of 42 %. We know that a very high percentage of burglaries are reported to the Police. This means that we can be sure we are putting out Police and Partnership actions to tackle burglary in the right place at the right time. However, one burglary is one too many.

Burglary Performance

Number of recorded crime

 April 03 to March 04

 April 04 to March 05

April 05 to March 06 

 April 06 to March 07

 % Change from 03/04 to 06/07






 - 15.37%

Burglary Dwelling  





 - 42.95%

What can you do?

The less good news is that 34% of all burglaries is because the burglar comes in though an open window or an unlocked or open door! Whatever the Police and Partnership agencies do, this is mainly a job for the public. The message is clear – Lock your Doors and Windows

  • Join Homewatch ( see below ) 
  • Secure your Home properly. Simple measures can be perfectly effective. 
  • Use your alarm if you have one 
  • Use outside and inside timer lights if you have them
  • Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 in complete confidence if you have information on a crime. Caller information will not be recorded. 

What we are doing ?

What the Partnership does to tackle burglary is outlined below. We believe that with growing public awareness and co-operation, coupled with the Partnership actions, we can make the rates of Burglary fall even further.

Home Security

The Partnership offers, through Victim Support, a free security upgrade to all victims of burglary. If you are a victim you will get a letter or phone call offering support. You should take up this free offer. There is evidence to show that simple “ target – hardening" measures are effective in deterring burglars.

Home Security in Hotspots

In the small number of communities where Burglary is a persistent problem, the Partnership is sending out letters offering the same “target – hardening" service free of charge. Police Community Support Officers are following up these letters encouraging residents to take up the service. Again we have some evidence to show that this makes a difference and residents can reduce the number of burglaries on their street.

Repeat Victims

If you ARE a victim of a burglary you are 4 x times as likely to suffer a repeat event than your neighbours or elsewhere. This is UNLESS you act and are seen to act to improve your security after the first event. The message could not be clearer. Get support, act and be seen to act if you are a victim. The Partnership provides additional support if you are a repeat victim.


The Partnership has a rolling programme of alleygating in the crime hotspot areas. The process has gathered pace in recent weeks owing to new legislation which allows Gating Orders and some additional money being put into the programme. The programme is working its way through 193 priority sites where crime is highest and therefore it needs to be understood that the Partnership is NOT able to respond to every request from the public to have gates installed. At the end of October 2007 the Partnership had installed 277 gates at 120 sites with another 232 gates at 85 sites being worked on.


Home watch schemes are a community based measure for protecting homes and streets from crime and disorder. They are all the more effective because of their community base and we would urge you to join one if there is a Homewatch on your patch and consider starting one if there is none. On both counts you can get all the help you need from the Homewatch Coordinators. See our Homewatch page for information on how to become a Homewatch co-ordinator. As Homewatch coordinator you are the link between the Police and your community, any information you have on who is committing crime in your area should always be passed on to the Police.

Security Campaigns

The Partnership runs regular publicity campaigns highlighting burglary hotspots and urging residents to lock their windows and doors as a matter of routine.


Insecure burglary warning letters

The Council's crime strategy unit has introduced insecure burglary warning letters as part of the communication strategy to raise awareness of insecure burglaries. Following a report of a break in the point of entry used is recorded. If entry is through an open or unlocked door or window, letters are sent to the surrounding neighbourhood informing them of the nearby burglary and asking them to take sensible steps to protect themselves. Insecure burglaries have reduced slightly since the scheme began 4 weeks ago. If residents do not heed the warning and a second insecure burglary happens in the neighbourhood a postcard is delivered to nearby houses by Police Community Support Officers (PCSO).

For more information on the scheme visit the insecure burglar warning letters page in our current projects section.

Prolific Offenders

The Partnership is increasing it’s targeting of known burglary offenders. These people will be subject to greater scrutiny and support than ever before in a bid to either ensure that, if they are offending, they are caught or supported into gainful employment if rehabilitated.


There is much YOU can do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of Burglary. Please take heed of this advice and whatever you do, DO NOT risk a burglary through an insecure door or window. That is completely down to you.

If you require any information or advice on Burglary please call Victim Support on 01942 322033

If you have any information on a specific crime or criminal please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Together we can make a difference

As Safe as We all Make It

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