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Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour is a general term used to describe a whole range of behaviours and activities that may effect the quality of life of individuals or communities. Examples include swearing, shouting, dropping litter, being aggressive towards people and other similar behaviour.

The legal definition of Anti-social Behaviour is: ‘acting in an anti-social manner that caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household as the complainant’

The individuals who make up our communities each have different lifestyles, expectations and tolerances levels. Wigan Council’s Anti-social Behaviour Unit helps neighbourhoods adopt a consensus view of what is and isn’t acceptable. Anti-social behaviour can cause individuals and communities despair and unhappiness.

The Anti-social Behaviour Unit encourages the use of a twin track approach that balances enforcement action with effective support intervention, tackling anti-social behaviour and disorder with swift, proportionate and effective action to challenge unacceptable behaviour while providing support to individuals and families.

An Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) is a Order granted by the Magistrates Court and can restrict an individual acting in an anti-social way. The Order is a civil order but if the conditions of the Order are broken Greater Manchester Police can charge the individual and if convicted result in up to 5 years in prison for a individual.

Support can include advice and information on diversionary activities, referrals to other agencies such as Youth Inclusion and Support Panel, Drug and Alcohol Team and Community Mediation.

Our Policy and Proceedure

The documentation below, which should be read together, outlines Wigan Council's Policy and Procedure on dealing with Anti Social Behaviour throughout the borough.

ASB Policy_June 09 (.pdf, 195.0kb)

ASB Procedure_June 09 (.pdf, 556.0kb)

What are we doing?

The partnership work together to ensure that incidents of ASB are dealt with promptly and efficiently and ultimately reduced. A List of what the partnership does to combat the problem of ASB is outlined below:

Alley Gates

Alley gates are a method of restricting access to the rear of premises with an alleyway attached. Alley gate schemes are currently being delivered to hotspot areas across the borough to reduce ASB as well as Burglary and Criminal Damage.

Repeat Callers

The partnership currently case manages the top ten repeat callers for anti-social behaviour. Through a problem solving approach we consult the victim to offer support and reduce the risk of being further victimised.

Truancy Sweeps

These are conducted in hotspot areas where young people are known to congregate during school hours.

Unpaid Workers Scheme

This is a community reparation program through which young people are involved in the clearing up of grot spots and graffiti within the community.

Positive Action for Young People (PAYP)

This programme works with young people in hot spot areas who are at particular risk of offending/Anti-Social Behaviour. They receive referrals from School Based Police Officers and partnership groups. They offer young people one to one sessions, diversionary activities and group work.

Firestoppers Hotline

This is a free number which the public can use to report any individuals who are seen or known to be starting fires. Caller information is not recorded and any information can be given in complete confidence. Firestoppers can be contacted on 0800 923 9999

Rapid Response CCTV

This is deployed and monitored by Central Watch security services within the Council. It is implemented at the request of Anti-Social Behaviour officers or Police. Its single aim is to catch the perpetrators of Anti-Social Behaviour in the act.

A Pilot scheme is also being delivered within bus shelters across the borough in an effort to prevent, deter, catch & convict those responsible for ASB within and around bus shelters.

Operation Buttermilk

The Joint partnership and Police operation aims to identify the main perpetrators of ASB within hotspot locations. Changes are made within locations to improve security measures and lighting, whilst also providing diversionary activities for young people.

Off-Road Nuisance

Our Borough has many large areas of Green Space for all of our residents to enjoy. Occasionally our Green Spaces are used by individuals who are riding Off-Road Motorcycles illegaly. If you live close to any green space which you feel is being used illegaly or causing nuisance and annoyance to yourself you can take the following action:

  • Contact Wigan Council Anti-Social Behaviour Unit on 01942 404021
  • Visit Greater Manchester Police Authoritie's website, designed to put a stop to Off-Road Nuisance. You can report incidents online at (External link)

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