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Home Watch

Your Home Watch scheme

Schemes usually start because residents or the police in an area identify a crime problem and want to reduce it. However, the benefits of setting up a scheme go far beyond reducing the levels of crime in the scheme area.

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Homewatch is also favoured because:

  • It provides direct assistance to you and your neighbours from the police & other agencies with regards to local issues.
  • It is an effective way of keeping your home secure.
  • You will receive crime reduction advice and tips from the experts.
  • You will have access to information regarding crime activity in your area.
  • You may receive a discount on your home insurance if you are part of a Home Watch scheme.

Your Home Watch Scheme in action

  1.  The number of homes in a scheme depends on the area and what people living there want.
  2. A scheme is run by the ‘co-ordinator’, who will arrange meetings and pass information to the other members.
  3. The local Watch Scheme Administrator will assist co-ordinators.
  4. Meetings may be arranged where residents can discuss local problems. Guest speakers may also be invited, such as police representatives.
  5. Home Watch members will receive local crime information via the crime ring system.

Your role

There are three basic ways in which all members of a scheme can help reduce crime and the fear of crime.

  • Looking out for your neighbourhood- Residents of Home Watch areas are encouraged to be on the lookout for suspicious behaviour and Wigan police are ready to offer guidance on what to look out for and the information they need when you report anything.
  • Securing the home- To reduce the attractiveness of their homes to the opportunist thief, householders are given personal advice on how to improve their security. They are also encouraged to use security already installed and to look after the homes of other scheme members when they are away.
  • Property marking- Schemes involve members marking their property with post coding equipment.

What can you do?

Canvass your neighbours to see if there is sufficient interest. If you have a good response, contact the Watch Scheme Administrator, to arrange a suitable date for a meeting to set the scheme up. The meeting can be in your house, a local hall or school. You may not be able to fix a date to suit everyone, just arrange the meeting to suit the majority - daytime or evening. Your local constable may also attend to advise on local crime patterns.

You can ask both officers any questions about local crime, home security and Home Watch.

The way in which the Home Watch scheme operates in the Wigan Borough is currently being updated. Please return to this page shortly for information on how to set up a scheme in your area.

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