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Partners and communities together

The Wigan & Leigh Community Safety Partnership is made up of representatives from different council departments and external organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors, which work together to promote safer, stronger, sustainable communities. We have piloted a community engagement approach called Partners and Communities Together (PACT for short) as a way of identifying and responding to the issues that matter to local communities. We are currently in the process of rolling out PACT across the Borough. We will add details about PACT in your ward as it rolls out in your area.

The story so far...

Following a successful pilot in the Worsley Mesnes ward PACT was rolled out to the rest of the Wigan South township: Pemberton and Douglas wards. We are in the process of rolling out PACT across the Leigh township, including Atherleigh, Leigh West, South, and East, Golborne, and Lowton.

Information sharing portal

The Wigan & Leigh Community Safety Partnership is using a SharePoint site to share information between the different organisations and elected members involved in rolling out PACT across the Borough. Officers and elected members can log onto the SharePoint site using their unique username and password. Here they can:

  • download the area profiles;
  • access the community engagement results;
  • prioritise the issues that matter most to local communities;
  • update and monitor local action plans;
  • and collect the evidence required to feedback "You said we did" information to local communities.

Click on the link below to access the secure site:

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