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Bryn (which is Welsh for hill) is often considered to be part of the larger town of Ashton-in-Makerfield though it is geographically distinct and forms a separate local council ward. Served by Bryn railway station, Bryn is home to the Three Sisters Recreation Area which has been created from three large slag heaps which remain from Bryn's role in Lancashire's coal mining past.

The Three Sisters Recreation Area is also the site of the Three Sisters Race Circuit, which provides race driving instruction and plays host to kart racing events and motorcycle road race meetings at clubman level.

The current Bryn (or Brynne) Hall dates from the 14th Century but has been the seat of the Gerrard family since the 13th Century at least. It was a "safe house" for the English Roman Catholic martyr and saint Edmund Arrowsmith and is reputed to be the burial place of his remains. 

This page provides up to date crime and demographic statistics for the Bryn Ward area. All statistics have been taken from the 2001 Census. Full census breakdown can be found by visiting the national statistics website (external link).


The demographic make up of an area can influence how much crime is experienced within that area. The more densely populated an area is the more likely it is to experience higher levels of Crime and disorder. The Bryn Ward includes the areas of: Bryn, Landgate and North Ashton.

The ward has an overall population of 11,769 spread across 4,842 Households, giving an average of 2.4 people per household.


The level of deprivation is measured by various factors such as levels of unemployment, health and education. Research suggests that the level of deprivation in an area is strongly linked to the level of crime. Super Output Areas (SOAs) are nationally defined boundaries which were constructed to compare statistics on a small scale. They have an average of 1500 residents in each SOA, there are 200 SOAs in the Wigan Borough. There are 7 lower level super output areas (SOA) within the Bryn ward, 0 score in the bottom 10% of SOAs for deprivation nationally. Further indicators of deprivation there are 243 households in the Bryn ward without Central Heating, and 1224 Households without access to a car.

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